Someone Like You. Words & Music by Adele Adkins That you. | heard. (2) "Y that you're know how the. 5et = tlecl time flie Ofl - ly;. 4:"I. 24 . . (9:|. The current titled Novel "Someone Like You - Durjoy Dutta and Nikita Singh" is a PDF . Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen. CHAPTER ONE. Scarlett Thomas has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. That's why I knew when she.

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Akshat turns out to be her sister- Simran's ex because of which she finds weird to date him.

Pia turns out to be her room-mate and lately, she also becomes her only friend in this new campus. Tanmay starts falling for Pia. Pia also starts liking him in spite of being in a long-distance relationship with Vishal. But, does the book ends with love sagas of all these characters?

It has much more in it. At least 10 times more than what I have described above. I can not talk about them as I don't want any spoilers in this review.

Do read the book to enjoy one of the best works in this genre of fiction. Coming to both the authors first, I must say that Durjoy Datta is finally changing his writing style with every book and delivering something which I always wanted from him rather than the same sex saga that he used to write. His last book "Till the Last Breath" turned out to be one of my favorites and with this one, he has just matured enough.

I am just excited for his next book now. As I, myself, blamed him for over-excessive use of sex in his books, his last book didn't have much of it and this one does not have the word itself, as per my memory.

I am too happy to witness this change. And as usual the selection and choice of words that the writer implements in his writing is magical.

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Just for that, he remains to be my favorite. Coming to Nikita Singh, I didn't like her previous works much but with this one, I can easily say that she has learned quite sooner. I hope she keeps this magic alive and write such character-based stories than sex-related ones. Both of you have already given that kind of book in bulk to us :- , now its time to give us such soulful books like "Someone Like You".

I, generally, write the best scenes that I fall in love with while reading a book.

But with this book, it's hard for me to categorize some events than others and term only them as my favorites. Right from the first word till the last, I was intrigued in the story like anything. It's good that people trusted this book and just on the pre-ordering basis, it entered the Bestseller's chart at No. Initially, the way Niharika gives her introduction is lovely. Even Simran is described lovingly.

I fell in love with both the sisters initially itself. But this book is not just a love story.

It is a purely character-based story where each person has a totally new personality, background, thoughts and approach towards life. How they end up being in a single plot is what makes a reader like me excited to turn pages.

Later, the hospital scene gave me thousands of goosebumps. The climax is as beautiful and balanced as the whole book is. The entrance of Pia in the book gives a push to the story in the first half.

Later that day, she finds out they have P. She develops a crush on him as he fascinates her with his unpredictable and wild lifestyle. Macon mentions a party, casually asking her out and she says "yes".

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She and Scarlett later go to the party, where Macon doesn't show up. When the party host, Ginny Tabor, throws everyone out, they go back to sit on Scarlett's porch and Halley talks about how she doesn't deserve him. He later turns up at her window and tells her he did go to the party but he was in the attic so it was all a misunderstanding. He kisses her.

Halley's nerdy ex-boyfriend, Noah Vaughn, is watching from the kitchen window. While she is doing her chore of mowing the lawn, Macon turns up with a giant mower to help which pleases her father but makes her mother angry as it is supposed to be her job to mow the lawn.

Someone Like You

Her mother becomes very nosy and keeps bugging Halley about who he is. They tell Scarlett's mother, who books an abortion appointment. On the day of the abortion, Scarlett decides against it and calls Halley to pick her up from the clinic. Halley asks Macon to drive her there and he does. When they have picked up Scarlett, Halley's mother sees them and assumes they are just cutting class.

She tells Scarlett's mother, who then enlists Halley's mother's help to sort a compromise.

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Halley is then grounded. Halley has a birthday dinner the next day with her family, the Vaughn family, and Scarlett. Later, she sneaks out with Macon.

He takes her to the quarry where they passionately make out, leaving Halley feeling as though the girl she used to be has left her and she has been replaced by someone new. The next chapters are focused on the changes that happen throughout Scarlett's pregnancy and the pressures of Halley's relationship with Macon, who is constantly asking her to have sex with him.

Although she thinks about it a lot she isn't ready and they start to become distant, which isn't helped by his secretive lifestyle. Elizabeth Gunderson drops hints about him cheating on her.

Her mother is forever asking her about Macon and she dislikes him despite never having met him. Halley is forbidden from seeing Macon. Everyone at school finds out about the pregnancy because Ginny, who can't keep secrets, overhears them talking in the bathroom.

When Halley decides to have sex with Macon at a New Year's Eve party, Scarlett tries to convince her not to, and they get into a major argument that leaves them not speaking. Halley gets drunk before she can do it. When she throws up and leaves, Macon is furious because he thinks she has been just leading him on. While he is driving her home, he is too busy shouting at her to watch the road and they get into a major car accident.The events seem understandable in the order, though sudden at times.

Fight her!


Halley explains what has just happened. After making certain that the gate to the street outside was locked, but give the same lecture I was told to give them over city and with police procedures-was very short for Officer Hart.

Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you. There's something interesting about these writers.