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The Cider House Rules

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Why is Dr. Larch so negative to Homer learning to drive and swim? What did she do to Mary Agnes and why? What was the meeting between Melony and Dr. Larch like? How had she prepared herself? What does Melony steal before running away from St. What is her destination? What were Dr. Worthington to tell Homer that Melony took the copy of Jane Eyre and if she could please replace it? Describe the ride back in the Cadillac to the coast for Homer, Wally and Candy.

How does Homer demonstrate his inexperience with life outside of St. Go through the chapter and describe some of the practical things he learns?

In what ways do the letters between Dr. Larch and Homer differ? How is Dr. Larch changing? What do we learn about Senior Worthington and his alcoholism? What were some of the things that Homer had missed at St. Why was it so depressing? Why does Vernon Lynch alarm Homer? How is racism and prejudice brought out in this chapter?

Why does Herb Fowler make innuendos and jokes regarding prophylactics? Why does Grace think that although St. How does Homer feel towards Debra Pettigrew, her family and dogs? What was Homer's impression of the drive-in movie at Cape Kenneth and the film? What rules of dating does Homer learn at the drive-in from Debra Pettigrew? What does Homer compare his love for Candy with after the film?

Who had adopted Curly Day?

What was his grievance against Homer? Why did the druggist and his wife adopt Curly? What name did they give him? After much deliberation what does Homer end up writing in his letter to Dr. Describe Dr. Why is this meeting an actual threat to Dr.

What does he ask for? Why is it necessary for him to create these letters? Larch give fatherly kisses to all the boys? Chapter 7 Before the War Read more 1. What had Melony experienced in her search for Homer up to this point? How does she defend herself and gain somewhat of a reputation?

Why does the foreman allow her to stay after her attack? What are their responses when she tells the workers at York Farm that she is looking for her boyfriend?

What were the Cider House Rules? Why were they put up? Why does Homer go up on the cider house roof? What does he find there? Why does Grace Lynch attack Homer in the vat? What does the Worthington family and Dr.

Why is Senior Worthington happy about the diagnosis?

What do the workers at Ocean View call it? Worthington offer Homer a permanent place to stay? What signs are there that Dr. Larch is being pressurized by the board of trustees? What obvious signs are there that Dr. Larch is suffering from exhaustion? What did he make Homer promise while he was away at college? What are the common rules regarding sex according to Debra Pettigrew? What signs are there that Homer may have a photographic memory?

Why did Candy actually get pregnant? How does Homer perceive evil? Larch furious with regards to the questionnaire the board of trustees insisted that each adopted orphan was to fill out? Larch reply through Fuzzy? What was Homer's reaction to the questionnaire? What was remarkable about Arthur Rose? Why do they call him Mr. What was the picking crew at York Farm like?

How did the crew boss, Rather, differ from Mr. Why did the men at York Farm resent Melony but knew better than to mess with her? What happens when Melony is asked to read from Jane Eyre? Why does she start crying? How does Mr. Rose threaten one of his crew workers at Ocean View after the man drops a cigarette into the cider vat?

Why does the crew think Homer is a good story teller when they are on top of the cider house roof? Why does Mr. Rose want to see the Ferris wheel in Cape Kenneth?

What takes plave while they are there? What does Mr. Rose do with his knife at the carnival? Irving 2 Chapter 8 Opportunity Knocks Read more 1. Why did Melony stay on at York Farm? When did she decide to leave? Where did she go? How did crew feel about her leaving? What does Candy think Wally is selfish? What did Homer master better at school than Mr. Hood, the science teacher? Why is it hard for Homer to choose between St. Larch keep on lying? Does Homer answer the questionnaire?

Why does Homer find his Senior Biology class so daunting? What was the work at the shipyard like for Melony? What does Melony tell Lorna about her relationship with Homer? Why did Melony become so attached to Lorna? What happens when Homer opens his wallet to pay for tickets in wind?

How does Candy react? What does Homer divulge? What are their plan? Why does Homer think he is having a heart attack? Why did Melony return the barrette that she took from Mary Agnes? How do people react to Pearl Harbor being bombed? How did Homer get out of military duty? Why didn't Candy accept Wally's proposal of marriage?

What is the main topic of conversation during Christmas dinner? Where does the military send Wally during this chapter? Why is he a terrible letter writer? What does he ask Candy to do in his letters to her? Why did people at Ocean View start to take care of Homer? What does Lorna say to Melony when she is about to leave the shipyard in Bath? Larch feel he had accomplished concerning Homer?

Why do they both resent Homer? How many people are actually looking for Homer at this point? What do Candy and Wally do for the war effort? What did Homer think of the obstetrical procedures at Cape Kenneth Hospital?

What does Homer do when a sailor comes in with a knife slash? What rank did Wally finally hold? Why does Homer think he has a right to ask Candy and Wally anything he wants to know? What does Candy say when Homer asks her if she loves Wally? What happens to Wally at the end of the chapter? Chapter 9 Over Burma Read more 1. Why could the Worthington family feel optimistic regarding Wally's missing plane, Opportunity Knocks?

How did people react to Wally missing in action? What advice does Dr. Larch give Homer regarding romantic love, compromise and being of use? Why did the sounds of restless children at Cape Kenneth Hospital soothe Homer? What significance does Meany Hyde put on the birth of his new baby? Why is Homer better at accepting Wally's undefined status? What takes place at Cape Kenneth Hospital when Dr.

Harlow refuses to perform an abortion? What does Nurse Caroline usually do? How do Homer and Dr. Harlow differ with regards to keeping the rules?

What do they hear from the crew of Opportunity Knocks? Where was Wally? During the summer, what does Dr. Larch write to the Roosevelts? When Homer and Candy finally have sex, what does Mrs. Larch's opinion on love being safe? What else would Homer and Candy have to wait and see? Why weren't Dr. Larch and the remaining orphans glad to see David Copperfield adopted?

What takes place in Dr. Larch's ether dreams? What does Ray Kendall feel about the love between Candy and Homer? Why was Candy afraid of Olive Worthington? What excuses do they give people for escaping to St.

Cloud's to have the baby? Who influenced Homer with regards to his telling lies? Why would the journey to St. How do the reactions of the nurses and Dr. How do Mrs. Worthington and Ray react when Homer tells them that he and Candy are both going to St. Why didn't Homer think he was really betraying Mrs. How is Candy received at St. Why was Homer forced to deliver a baby at St.

Larch mean when he says that Homer does not need to go to medical school to be a doctor here? How does Homer feel about abortion at this stage?

Why was this Christmas considered the best ever at St. What did Homer discover when he went down to the boys' division? What does Lorna demand of Melony if they are to stay together? What does Homer intend to plant at St. Who delivers Candy's baby? What is the child called? What was in the telegram Olive sent to Homer and Candy?

What do Homer and Dr. Larch argue about? When they return to Ocean View, why is Homer filled with guilt? Why was Ray building a torpedo? Why does Homer insist that one day they must tell Angel the truth about his parentage? Chapter 10 Fifteen Years Read more 1. How long had Lorna and Melony been a couple? Who was the handy one and who was the domestic one?

How had Melony changed at the age of forty-something?

John irving the cider house rules epub reader

What does Melony do when Lorna says she is pregnant? What does she hand Lorna to give to Mrs. Grogan at St. What was in the newspaper article that Melony had put in the antique framed? Sum up Homer's life for the past 15 years? How had he changed the cider house rules? Why do Mr. Rose and his crew deface and refuse to obey the cider house rules?

Why does Homer continue to put them up each year?

What were the rules regarding Angel that Candy and Homer agreed to 15 years ago? What does family mean to Homer? How did Mrs. Goodhall and Dr. Gingrich plan to replace Dr.

What label did they attach to him? Gingrich and Homer and Candy misinterpret each other at the hotel in Ogunquit? Which new nurse comes to St. Why did she come? Who had sent her? What was in the gift from Melony? What was Angel Wells like at the age of 15? When Olive Worthington is dying of cancer, what are her last word to Candy? What is said in her drug-related confusion? What were some of the rules regarding Wally? How does everyone take to his running Ocean View?

How had Ray Kendall died? Why did Candy feel guilty? Although Nurse Caroline and Dr. Larch agree that women should be able to have abortions, they disagree on it becoming legal. What event brings up the question? What did Candy make Homer promise if she got pregnant again? What precautions had they taken over the years?

Why did Homer ask Dr. Larch to send him medical equipment? Larch think he wanted it for? How did sex and love differ to Homer?

What does this prove? What does Mrs. Goodhall accuse Dr. Larch and Nurse Caroline of? How does Larch respond to this? What unexpected question does Angel ask Homer during their conversation about masturbation? Why is Melony surprised when she arrives at Ocean View and sees Angel? How does the situation at this point prove to be awkward for all of them? How does Melony behave? What impact did Melony have on Angel? Why does Melony demonstrate grief and disappointment instead of rage and anger towards Homer?

Why did Melony's theft of the questionnaire alarm Homer? Why is telling the truth to Angel and Wally so important to Homer at this point? At the ball game, what is it that Wally says he misses most? What does he thank Homer for? What was in the package Dr. Larch sent Homer the same day Melony arrived? What becomes so clear to Homer at this point?

How does he accomplish his final vision with the help of the nurses? What does the entire plan revolve around? What final arguments regarding abortion does Dr.

Larch use to bring Homer back to St. Chapter 11 Breaking the Rules Read more 1. Why does she think he is no longer a hero? What are her thoughts concerning men?

Why do Melony and Lorna move back together? How old was Mr. What evidence is there that Mr. Rose knows what Homer and Candy were doing in the cider house together? Why are the number of times Homer and Candy made love since Wally came back from the war significant? Why does Angel fall in love with Rose Rose? What does reciting baby names really mean for Angel and Rose Rose? Rose throw a pebble at Angel?

What different problem was Dr. Larch facing? What does Nurse Caroline write to Homer in her letter? What was one of Mr. Why did Rose Rose warn Angel not to get involved with her? Rose admit it to Angel? What does Muddy warn Angel about? What examples of racism do we find in this chapter?

What had Melony written to Homer? What does Homer specify in his answer to Dr. Larch and Nurse Caroline? What type of ether dream does Dr. Larch experience after delivering the letter to the stationmaster? What causes Dr. How do the nurses at St. When Homer tries to discuss rules with Mr. Rose pull out of his pocket? Who tells Homer the news that Dr.

Larch is dead when Homer calls St. What story does Homer tell Angel about helping Dr. Why were the picking crew men on top of the cider house roof? Why had they refused to speak to Candy? What was the sound she had heard?

Table of Contence

Rose say to Rose Rose when Candy takes her out of the cider house bunk room?Stephen King. Worthington offer Homer a permanent place to stay? How had she prepared herself?

What takes plave while they are there? Stephanie Garber. Who does? What was one of Mr. Why does the foreman allow her to stay after her attack? How does the situation at this point prove to be awkward for all of them?